I will post any guest teaching, substitutions or performances here.

Please check back regularly for updates and "Calendar".


23.12.21.&06.01.22.: New

I will be substituting Chera Mack's Ballet beginners at Unisport Bern. 18:00-19:15

I'm looking forward to meeting new people.


05.&12.&19.12.21: New

I will be teaching Sunday Ballet classes, profitraining Basel.

The class is offered in the studio and online via Zoom. If you would like to know more details, please get in touch with Tanzbüro Basel.


03.12.-24.12.21: New

I will be substituting Slawek Bendrat's classes at New Dance Academy Bern.

03.12. 12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate & Advanced

09.12. 12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate

10.12. 12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate & Advanced

11.12 9:45-10:45 Ballet Basic Beginners / 10:45-12:00 Ballet Beginners / 12:00-13:15 Ballet Intermediate & Advanced

22.12 18:00-19:00 Contemporary Dance / 19:00-20:00 Ballet 

24.12. 12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate & Advanced



I am substituting Advanced Ballet class at ballet studio spiegel in Liebefeld.

03.&10.12 9:30-11:00

06.12. 18:30-20:00 / 20:00-21:30


17.&20.11.21./ 01.&15.12.21.: 

I will be teaching ballet classes at The Dance Center Luzern on Wednesday 10:00-11:30 and Saturday 11:00-12:30, Profitraining IGTZ.

The class is offered in the studio and online. If you are interested in more informations, please get in touch with IGTZ.



I will be teaching for Profitraining Winterthur.

Thursday 9:30-11:00 Ballet



I am teaching Profitraining Basel next week.

Ballet classes are offered in the studio and online via Zoom. 

Thursday 10:30-12:00 at Chronos Movement Studio

Saturday 11:00-12:30 at Semiramis Studio.

If you are interested in more informations, please visit Tanzbüro Basel.



I will be substituting Slawek Bendrat's Friday classes at new Dance Academy.

12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate + Advanced 



I am substituting Slawek Bendrat's Ballet at New Dance Academy.

12:15-13:15 Ballet Intermediate 



I will be substituting Contemporary Dance class at Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf for Stefanie Bolzli. 19:30-21:00 

Looking forward to meet new people!



I will be teaching Ballet at The Dance Center Luzern for Profitraining IGTZ 10:00-11:30 :) The class is offered in the studio and via Zoom.


26.09.21. / 03.&10.10.21.: 

I will be teaching Sunday ballet classes at Tanzbüro Basel Profitraining. 11:00-12:30 at Semiramis Studio. The class is offered in the Studio and via Zoom.



I will be substituting Contemporary Dance class at Tanz und Theaterschule Burgdorf for Stefanie Bolzli. 19:30-21:00 

Looking forward to meet new people!



Finally I come back to teach Profitraing at Tanzhaus Zürich!

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-11:00.


16.&18.09.21. / 01.10.21.: 

I will be substituting Ballet class at New Dance Academy Bern :)

16.09. Thursday

10:30-12:00 Ballet Professional

12:15-13:15 Ballet all level

18.09. Saturday

9:45-10:45 Ballet Beginners Basic

10:45-12:00 Ballet Beginners 

12:00-13:15 Ballet Intermediate&Advanced

01.10. Friday

18:15-19:30 Contemporary Dance 



Wednesday Ballet Beginners Basic starts soon. 18:00-19:30 at TANZhAUS Bern Brückenpfeiler.

Please check the infomation and sign up.  Looking forward to seeing you soon in the studio. 



I will be in Basel teaching Ballet class Profitraining.

10:30-12:00 at Chronos Studio. The class is offered also via Zoom.

Please contact Tanzbüro Basel for more informations.



Tuesday Open training at TANZhAUS Bern Brückenpfeiler is restarting:) Ballet 18:00-19:30 / Contemporary Dance 19:30-21:00

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio! The information is here.


27.08.21.-29.08.21. 01.09. :  

I will be performing! Site-Specific dance performance "VIS-À-VIS" with Oliver Dähler (Choreography) in Kulthurtage Thalwil.

It's been a while to perform since there was a big Corona break!

I am looking forward to it very much:)

Due to the bad weather the performance on Sunday is postponed to 01.09. Wednesday 19:00.

04.08.21. - 20.08.21: 

I will be teaching Company class / Open class Ballet at the Studio TANZhAUS Brückenpfeiler Bern. No need for registration, please just turn up.

15.-/ class (Cash or TWINT)

04.08. Mi. 10:00-11:15

11.08. Mi.& 13.08. Fr. 10:00-11:15

18.08. Mi.& 20.08. Fr. 10:00-11:15



I hope you are enjoying Summer break. 

I set up some classes for the next week. It would be great if you would find time to join me! Please click here for the details.



I will be substitutiing at New Dance Academy Bern.

Slawek Bendrat's Contemporary Dance Intermediate on Wednesday 10:00-11:00.



All classes in the studio are on Summer break.  I will give Zoom classes between 22.07- 22.08. Please sign up latest 24 hours before tha class start.

July doodle

August doodle


During the following periods I can also offer classes in person at my Atelier in Zurich.If you are willing to come to Zurich, please get in touch and we can discuss details!

23.07 - 26.07

04.08 - 07.08

12.08 - 13.08



This is last day open training at Brückenpfeiler. We are starting from 31.08 after Summer break. I wish you all wonderful Summer time and looking forward to seeing you back in the studio.



I will be substituting Slawek Bendrat's classes at New Dance Academy. I am looking forward to seeing familier and new faces :) You can find the schedule on my calender.



I am teaching ballet classes for Profitraining Winterthur.

Thursday 9:30-11:00.

Looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the studio! 



Zoom Ballet training continue until the end of June!

Please check the infomation and schedule here.



I will be teaching Ballet classes for Profitraining IGTZ.

Wednesday 10:00-11:30 and Saturday 11:00-12:30 at The Dance Center Luzern.



I am teaching Profitraining in Basel 3 Sundays in a row. How great that now we are able to train together up to 14 people!

This class is offered online via Zoom (donation based), you can join us if you don't like to wear mask or not living in Basel. Please get in touch for Meeting ID and Password.

Ballet 11:00-12:30 at Semiramis Studio



I have set up Zoom classes, for those who decided not to come to the studio yet because of Mask or don't make it to my class in person. 

I created a doodle link, you can sign up by 24 hours before the class start:) Please contact me if you like to take part. I will send you doodle link, Zoom meeting ID and Password.


Price 5.- / 10.- / 15.- per class (TWINT)

* please choose a price that suits you.


Here is the plan for MAY


Monday 03. / 17. 10:00-11:00

Wednesday 05. / 19 12:00-13:00

Thursday 06. / 20.- / 27 19:00-20:00

Friday 07. / 14. / 21. / 28. 11:00-12:00

Saturday 15. 9:30-10:30

Sunday 30. 10:30-11:30



Open training Bern is finally restarting after 4months Corona break! 

Every Tuesday

Ballet Intermediate + Beginners 18:00-19:30(18:00-19:00 Zoom, please get in touch with me for Meeting ID and Password)


Contemporary Dance 19:30-21:00 

No need for registration, just turn up:) Let's dance xxx


21.04.21 &28.04.21: 

I will be back in teaching Profitraining IGTZ!

Wednesday 10:00-11:30 Ballet at The dance center Luzern

With new regulations we are allowed to be in the studio together up to 15 people:) 

The class is open to non members by Zoom please get in touch with IGTZ for Meeting ID and password.



Surprise! Our lives are taking baby steps forward to "back to normal".

However I have decided to continue with the donation based Zoom open training until 02.05:)

You can find the plan on my Calender