About me

I am from  Japan. I started my ballet training at the age of three.

I arrived in Europe after graduating high school in my hometown in Hiroshima to explore the world of dance and expand my repertoire from classic ballet to contemporary dance. 

I joined a training program for young dancers in Zürich, shortly thereafter my professional career in the freelance field started in 2000. Since then I am based in Zürich and has been working throughout Switzerland as a dancer, and a choreography assistant. I enjoy the diverse experiences of working with various companies and projects, ont only on a stage but also in churches, museums, streets, schools, factories, graveyards and other outdoor enviroments.

I enjoy to collaborating with artists from other fields as well, I performed for operas, dance films, theater performances, music videos, commercial events and photo shoots.


Next to my work as a performer, I began teaching ballet to beginners and contemporary dance to young actors in 2008, after a few years as a substitute teacher I started to be invited to teach for company classes and became employed by schools for regular weekly dance classes, raising young talents. I continue to teach professional classes in various locations (Basel / Zürich / Winterthur) for regional freelance dancers since 2010. 


In 2019 I devoted myself to teaching all kinds of dancers, from seasoned professionals to adult beginners and children. I enjoy teaching and each single students matters. 

Now 2020, I am ready for a new challenge and return back to the creative process.


Portrait by Woland